This page is rather self explanatory. I’m going to link to other places where I can be found around the internet, and some of my friend’s sites which I would love if you could give a look because trust me, they’re better then mine.
Right, let’s get started.

Where else to find me


I’m dotted around various other places on the internet, including twitter, where I constantly tweet about things happening in my life, and things that I like, but I do say “Hi”, so come and say “hi” to me! Who knows, you might even get a follow back.

I’m also on goodreads, where I post what books I’ve read, am reading, and what I’d like to read. I haven’t been reading a lot lately, but that’s because I have had other things on my agenda, but there’s still quite a lot on there.

Soundcloud is an excellent platform for sharing music, and yeah, I’m on that too. Find me here. I sometimes upload new mashups, and sometimes I’ll repost things I really like, but mostly I use it to find new music and to tell people that I like that music. If you’re on soundcloud, give me a follow.

A service that I haven’t really used in a long time but I’m still occasionally around on is audioboom. Check me out here.
I don’t really boo anymore, but who knows, I might start again.

I’m also on, where I like to scrobble and love tracks.

I’m also on instagram, so drop me a follow there too.

I think that’s about it. I didn’t lie when I said I was dotted about the internet did I?

Friends blogs

All right then, here’s some friends of mine and their sites. I would absolute love it if you would go and check them out because there’s some excellent people on this list.
First of all, we’ve got one of my closest friends, the lovely A5 paige. She can be found writing about things that are on her mind and stuff that’s going on in her life on her blog.

Next up, we’ve got a brilliant blog by another one of my close friends. Honestly, she’s bloody brilliant. She’s writes about, … well anything really. As the tag line for her site says, she’s “Just a girl seeing things a little differently”. I’m of course talking about The Upside Down Chronicles.

Andre louis is a very talented musician and all round good bloke. Please do check him out. He’s got you covered for music for your podcast, advert, promo, what ever you’re making. Not just one genre either.

Ashley Cox is another friend of mine who deals with audio, tech and other stuff. He blogs and is also a musician so check him out.
Also, I’d love it if you could check out Seren The Heron who is one of my favourite artists and who makes absolutely fantastic music.

What else?

This is just a bit at the bottom to say that I’m not responsible for the content of any external sites and I definitely have not been paid for any of these advertisements. (Although if your site is listed here, … I wouldn’t say no *wink*). I will try to keep this list updated if and when I find more friends that have websites that you need to know about.

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