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So, you clicked this link because you want to know about me. Well, that’s what I’m guessing, anyway.

So what is there to know? I’m a 18 year old student who attended the Royal National College for the blind in Hereford in the United Kingdom for a couple of years.
I’m visually impaired and have been since birth but do I let it stand in my way? What kind of visually impaired person would I be if I did that. I studied level3 ICT and level3 music tech. These both being BTECS. I’ve also completed a CCNA 1 cisco qualification and I’m hoping to start CCNA2 soon, and also their IT essentials course. A lot of stuff, ain’t it?

So as you can probably tell by the subjects I study, I’m in to ICT, (I’m quite the geek so I’m told), and music (tech and the media product). I enjoy lots of genres ranging from heavy metal (currently listening to Bullet for my Valentine), to Hiphop and lots of EDM (trap, house, dub step, you get the idea).. Even a little bit of folk. Quite a range, isn’t it?

Thanks for stopping bye, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.

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