My review: Pure Move 2500 portable DAB radio

So hi everyone and sorry for the length between posts but I really had nothing to blog about.
So for Christmas, I received a Pure Move 2500 pocket sized portable DAB radio. I had been in the market for something like this for a while now but never bothered to do anything about it other than look at different products on Ebay.
I had come across this model and had done a little bit of online research on it and most people from around the internet gave it pretty positive reviews. It seemed pretty expensive though and I didn’t really want to risk it as I didn’t know what would be accessible and what wouldn’t be.
So, i was pleasantly surprised to receive this particular radio as a Christmas present.
For those who can’t see, it is the size of say, and iPod classic, possibly a little bit smaller. So it kind of looks like an iPod with an old iPod style wheel in the centre for navigational purposes. The thing itself doesn’t talk but once it’s all set up you don’t really need it too.

In the box is the radio itself, a charger (I have looked because I was curious and you can charge it using a standard micro USB cable (but you don’t get one with it)), the headphones and a user manual, ETC.

I had someone sited go over what does what so now I know.
You will need someone sited to set the language for you once you get it out the box but after that, you’re all good.
Ok, so you want to have the headphones connected when you’re going to turn it on. This is because the headphones act as the arial. It says you can use any pare of headphones with it but I haven’t tried that yet, the ones that it comes with are pretty nice (in fact, I’m using them now). There are 4 portions of the wheel; top, left, bottom and right. Oh yeah and the select button in the middle. The top button is the menu button, left takes you in to the list of stations or fi you’re on FM it brings you in to a list of frequencies. The bottom button switches between DAB and FM and also acts as your power button: press it to turn the radio on and hold down for a few seconds to turn it off. The right button is a preset button but I haven’t set any presets up yet so I’m not really sure of how it works. To select a station, press the left hand button, scroll to it and hit the select button. There’s an EQ and other setting but the menus don’t talk so I’ve never really been in there. Volume is controlled by the wheel when you are listening to a station. There’s a key lock switch at the top as well to stop you from pressing stuff when it’s in your pocket.

My review
Well, I love the thing. I’ve been using it for just under 2m months now and I love the thing. I’ve been on trains with it, long car journeys, walks around college, ETC and no faults at all. The FM portion comes in very handy as I like to take it to football matches and the commentary is only available on the BBC local FM frequency, not on DAB or AM and I had no problems with it at all. Even walking around town afterwards there were no problems. It’s also quite handy that it charges via USB as my nexus charger fits it so it’s one less charger I have to carry around.
In conclusion I’m not really sure what to say. It’s a lovely radio if you are willing to pay its price tag, and I’m not really sure of any other products that are really around that do the same.
You can pick one up
Thanks for reading and as always, your comments are welcome.

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